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Namaste! We are an International Gourmet Health & Natural Online Food Store with spices and global food ingredients for people who want to cook and enjoy real good food.  Come with us on a spice adventure with the finest in savory spices and seasonings. We combine spices, cooking herbs and seasonings from around the globe here in Minneapolis. We roast, grind and prepare over 300 hand-mixed signature spice blends and rubs including the largest selection of world organic spices in USA. Try our chicken tandoori, vindaloo, roganjosh, biryani, channa, rajma curry masala Indian spices, sabzis and adveih spices from Persia, baharat and kabsa spices from Arabia, shawarma spices from Turkey, harissa spices from Ethiopia, ras-el-hanout from Morocco and journey through many other spices and seasonings in our store - we have them both in conventional and organic spices.   Discover recipes and cooking tips from all over the world. Bon appetite!

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Try our Indian mango chutney, lime pickle, natural sugars like jaggery, pure ghee or clarified butter, coriander chutney for sandwiches, Indian lentils, poppodoms and a stunning array of hot and spicy condiments.

Indian cooking also includes many rice dishes like Aromatic Pilaf, Biryani. Shop from our wide selection of Indian rice, Basmati rice, Kerala Kutti rice, Goan rice, Kalijira rice, Brown basmati, Organic rice. Dal or lentils are cooked in India everyday in Indian homes. We have all the lentil varieties in our online store including ready to cook lentil meal kits with spices.

Hot and spicy snacks and Indian mithai are sweet treats to discover on our website. Also do not forget to buy our top-notch organic spices and seasonings for your high quality meats, chicken, fish and fresh farmers market vegetables taking them to new heights in taste.   

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Cooking great-tasting gourmet world meals begin with high quality cooking ingredients in your pantry. Shop with us for carefully selected products to create delight in your kitchen with classic, sophisticated, refined, yet also hearty and rustic recipes from world cultures. Try Persian torshi, sabzis, adveih, natural sugars like maple and palm sugar, cooking wines and vinegars like shaoshing wine from China, fish sauce, oyster sauce, smoked paprika, specialty lentils, dals and rice, basmati , jasmine, emperor's rice, chai teas, rose sugar,Thai curries, African hot sauces, fresh herbs, and many other gastronomic global delights. . We have taken the best of all traditional and ethnic cooking traditions. has been in business for 20 years and we started with Indian food and spices and soon became a world food and spices gastronomic mutt. We have since incorporated African, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrian, Persian, Mexican foods and spices. Explore the world's best and most elegant and sophisticated foods including many gluten free, vegan and vegetarian foods.

Indian food has delicious vegan food choices to satisfy Americans who have gone vegetarian or vegan like President Clinton former leader of the free world along with Ellen, Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson, Mike Tyson - Indian cuisine has a rich tradition of ayurvedic vegan and vegetarian dishes and meals. The type of cookery that you can develop from the foods we offer on our website is truly divine and satisfy all Americans and all diets. From its core vegetarian diets to the meat lover, Indian cuisine covers it all. All our food is gourmet, healthy, natural and good for you besides being wonderfully flavorful.

Today's cooking is just that; as we blend in America we are evolving and producing superb blends of taste and foods partaking in the the best the world has to offer.
Just combine seductive cardamom from India, uplifting saffron from Spain and sublime Vanilla from the America's and North American Maple Sugar and you will have a flavor fit for a supreme being. So from The Americas through Europe, Africa, the silk route, China, India to Indonesia and Japan we will take you on on an exciting, zesty, incredible, exotic, superb culinary trip. Come along!

America's Finest International Specialty, Gourmet, Natural, Health Food, Grocery & Spice Online Grocery Store. Shopping Global Ingredients from India, China, Thailand, Africa, Middle East, the Mediterranean regions, Greece, Italy, Mexico & Many Cultures From Around The World

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We are based in Minneapolis, MN - 866-331-7684

Customer Review - Thanks to Indianfoodsco I now cook my food from scratch and keep it as simple as possible. I cook dal, beans and rice, make vegetable soup with meat as a flavor with Ajika spices. Best thing the pounds that are falling off slowly and at a healthy rate and I have never felt better. I also follow Dr Oz. and do a 7 minute Yoga Sun Salutation. ......  Tony Anderson

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Our customers are influenced by clean pure gourmet health and natural foods. For others, fighting an illness or concerned about wellness, our organic spices give them peace of mind and prevention and allow the body to heal. Others are driven to our shopping website in search of gourmet rich flavor to make their meals more exciting and joyful. Yet others want to experiment cooking international dishes and recipes. Still others love to cook and entertain or belong to cooking clubs and come seeking hard to find international ingredients.

Thank you for visiting and shopping with! Bon Appetite

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Fresh Herbs & Galangal , Herbs Spices Shop All Spices & Herbs , Indian Seasonings & Mix Oriental Asian Seasonings North American Middle Eastern Spices Mediterranean Spices Beans, Lentils Spices Chicken Spices Fish Spices Grilling Spices Meat Spices Potato & Root Veggies Rice Spices Sauce Seasonings Vegetable Spices Yogurt Spices Shop All Spices. Organic Indian Spices Organic Asian Spices Organic Latin Spices Organic N. American Spices Organic European Spices Organic Middle East Spices Organic Mediterranean Spices Organic World Fusion Organic Infused Sugars Organic Lentil Spices Organic Chicken Spices Organic Fish Spices Organic Grilling Spices Organic Meat Spices Organic Potato Spices Organic Rice Spices Organic Sauce Spices Organic Vegetable Spices Organic Yogurt Spices Organic Collections Organic Herbs Organic Samplers Shop All Organic Blends Tools is more than an Indian grocery store. We have the best online Indian food store, as we are passionate about Indian food. We have the usual Indian groceries, but we also have many specialty Indian food products and Indian gourmet foods such as spices, organic spices, spice blends without salt and msg, curry blends that are hand blended here in Minneapolis, ghee, papad, dal, lentils, chai, hing, hot mix and wonderful Indian food gifts.  If your Indian food shopping includes Indian chutney, indian pickles, indian curries, Indian curry spices, ayurvedic oils our store choices will delight you. Our online Indian store has Kavita's Indian cooking guides, Indian recipes and online Indian cooking classes to make your Indian cooking easy and authentic. For vegetarians, Indian cuisine and our online store offers unlimited food ideas and vegetarian meals. We carry the best Indian food ingredients and food choices for cooking Indian and having a thali meal. We are the store you can trust to buy all your Indian foods online!  Our store is powered by the passion and knowlegde that Kavita has for Indian foods, Indian holistic cooking, her knowledge about Ayurveda, her love for the best and clean ingredients and her dedication for a green sustainable company.  This is a family business run by Kavita and her two daughters. If you are looking to buy Indian groceries online we hope you will consider us for your Indian food shopping needs.