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We also offer a large selection of Persian food and spice gifts and baskets for your special occasions!

We offer you the ultimate gourmet selection of specialty foods to cook and enjoy the wonderful and ancient Persian cuisine such as with herbs, nuts, rice, saffron, zareshk berries, basmati rice, kashk, pomegranate, roses, lemon omani, adveih, kabob spices, rice meals and torshi that are available for shopping in our online food store. Persian cuisne is defined by its incredible array of rice dishes that are famous for their exotic and vibrant flavors, and so we're proud to offer an incredible selection of gourmet rice dishes from Iran. To complement them, we offer kabob and stew spices and yogurt spices. We have many Persian sweets and teas to finish your amazing Persian culinary experience. Come journey with us through our careful selection of Persian food products and partake in the magic of Persian culture.

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Our online store stocks many Persian Spices and Blends.

Shop spices such as mint, basil, cardamom, coriander, cumin, orange, cloves, nutmeg, and rose petals, black pepper, caraway, saffron, sesame, turmeric, dried lime omani and pomegranate seeds used in Iranian cooking. Try our wide selection of Persian spice and sabzi (herbal) blends to make your Persian cooking easier.

Add our special blend Ajika Adveih to Iran's khoresht stews like khoresht-e gheimeh (a stew made with lamb and split peas), to meats with fresh or dried fruit and nuts, blending the sweet-tart savory dishes which is a signature taste of Persian cuisine.   You might want to cook juicy Cornish hen ie kabab-e jujeh, with our Ajika Jujeh Kabob spices, marinated in yogurt, lime juice it is wonderful and serve with yogurt flavored with Ajika Mast-o Khiar herb and spice blend. You can skewer ground meat spiced with Ajika Persian Kubideh Spices, lime juice and fresh minced red onions and parsley for your next barbecue and serve with a side of rice flavored with Ajika Sabzi Polo. Our Ajika Sabzi Polo or Dolma is perfect flavor for rice- and lamb-stuffed grapevine leaves topped with a sweet-sour tomato sauce. Shami kebab, succulent ground beef kebabs minced with chickpea adas and seasoned with turmeric, cinnamon, and saffron is another favorite of our customers.

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Our online store stocks both easy to cook Persian Rice Meals and ingredients basmati rice, spices like Adveih Polo, Sabzi Polo to create your own rice dishes

Popular rice dishes from Iran include Adas Polow, Baghali Shivid Polow, Polow, Sabzi Polow, Shirin Polow, Tah Chin, Saffron Chicken Rice. There is a genius and sophistication to Persian rice dishes that has been captured by Ajika brand of Persian food products.

  • Delight in our house made Persian Zereshk Polo with saffron, basmati rice, pistachio and special persian spices.
  • Ajika Shirin Polow, a festive dish studded with chicken, orange rind, and pistachios, with meat, nuts and vegetables.
  • Ajika Adas Polo has tiny brown lentils and basmati rice flavored with special spices. You may cook it as is or add some meat or popato or cauliflower and carrots to make a stunning meal.

All Persian rice dishes may be served with yogurt flavored with Ajika Mast o Kiar spices.

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We have been in business for 20 years and we started with Indian food and spices and soon became a world food and spices gastronomic mutt. We have since incorporated African, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrian, Persian, Mexican foods and spices. We have taken the best of all traditional and ethnic cooking traditions.

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