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Welcome to our Indian Food Website and Online Mail Order Food Store! is more than an Indian grocery store. We have the best online Indian food store, as we are passionate about Indian food. We have the usual Indian groceries, but we also have many specialty Indian food products and Indian gourmet foods such as spices, organic spices, spice blends without salt and msg, curry blends that are hand blended here in Minneapolis, ghee, papad, lentils, chai, hing, hot mixx and wonderful Indian food gifts.  If your Indian food shopping includes Indian chutney, indian pickles, indian curries, Indian curry spices, ayurvedic oils our store choices will delight you. Our online Indian store has Kavita's Indian cooking guides, Indian recipes and online Indian cooking classes to make your Indian cooking easy and authentic. For vegetarians, Indian cuisine and our online store offers unlimited food ideas and vegetarian meals. We carry the best Indian food ingredients and food choices for cooking Indian and having a thali meal. We are the store you can trust to buy all your Indian foods online!  Our store is powered by the passion and knowlegde that Kavita has for Indian foods, Indian holistic cooking, her knowledge about Ayurveda, her love for the best and clean ingredients and her dedication for a green sustainable company.  This is a family business run by Kavita and her two daughters.